CBP in brief

The ability to manage creative business processes is crucial, yet not limited exclusively to companies or organizations in the creative industries. The CBP program is a multifaceted education which equips our students to become creative leaders in any company or organization at the forefront of innovation. The CBP program is a two-year Master degree program at CBS, teaching students to navigate between the realms of business and art.

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Team Diversity

Team Collaboration is in our Creative DNA
CBP students know that the most successful projects comes from working in teams and not as individuals. Every year, the CBP program attract students from around the world with diverse Bachelor degrees where working in multidisciplinary teams is the thick, red line in  the two year Master program.

Managing for the future

What is a Creative Process? We know.
Through differentiation and experimentation we know how to help a company or organization put new ideas into action. The CBP program has a wide curriculum which enables students to think outside the box, yet understand the key principles and structures of a company.

Project Management

Managing Projects is our guilty pleasure.
The CBP students learns to plan, organize and execute creative  projects which falls within the realm of who we are and what we enjoy. We take pride in connecting and collaborating with our CBP alumni, since 2010, we have grown one of the most well connected alumni networks at CBS.


Creative Industries, Innovation and Strategies


Marketing and Creative Processes


Legal Risk Management Intellectual Property Law

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Managing Creative and Innovative Organizations


Financial and Managerial Accounting


Creative Business Project & Methods for Creative Industry Analysis

The CBP Journey

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CBP Working Areas

 CBP Statistics

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Ann--e1415228968386Ann BoströmMarket Manager, GoMore Sweden+
Ann Boström graduated from CBP in 2013 and has since then been working as Market Manager for GoMore. Where do you work today and what is you
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Sabina-De-Duonni-e1417276097412Sabina De DuonniDigital Content Manager, mbrace labs+
Sabina De Duonni graduated as a Double Degree Master Student from Copenhagen Business School and Bocconi University in Milan in 2014. Where
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Nicolas_V-e1417276112207Nicolas VerhelpenConcept Developer, DigitasLBi+
Nicolas Verhelpen graduated from CBP in 2011 and is now working as a Concept Developer for DigitasLBi. Where do you work today and what is y
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Rikke-1024x1024Rikke ØstergaardHead of Social Strategy, Advice A/S+
Rikke Østergaard graduated from CBP in 2013 and are now working for communication agency Advice A/S as Head of Social Strategy. Where do you
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FrederikCordes_Small1-e1417276142286Frederik CordesManaging Director, Spoiled Milk+
Frederik Cordes graduated from CBP in 2009 where he started the company Spoiled Milk, which he later sold and are now working as  Managing D
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HuldaBIG-1024x1024-e1417276132703Hulda HallgrimsdottirBusiness Development Coordinator, BIG+
Hulda Hallgrimsdottir graduated from CBP in 2012 and are now working for BIG as Business Development Coordinator. Where do you work today an
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Astrid-Tronhjem-web-1024x657-e1417276153873Astrid TronhjemHead of Marketing & Product, Danish Interior Design+
Astrid Tronhjem graduated from CBP in 2012 and is now working for Danish Interior Design as Head of Marketing and Product. Where do you work
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Katja1-e1417276123741Katja SonderhaugeProduct Manager, Warner Music Denmark+
Katja Sønderhauge graduated from CBP in 2013 and is working as Product Manager at Warner Music Denmark. Where do you work today and what is
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CBP Network in Brief
The CBP Network is a non-profit organisation founded in 2010 by CBP Students who wanted a project-based social platform driven by students from the CBP program to promote the CBP program at CBS and to create social events targeting people interested in networking within the creative sphere. CBP Network is funded and supported by Copenhagen Business School and is the official Alumni Organization of the CBP program.

CBP Network mission
CBP Network aims to link young professionals and creative companies, with a mission to bridge the gap between current and alumni students of CBP and companies looking for creative students. As an extension to the CBP program at Copenhagen Business School, CBP Network mission is three-fold:

  1. Provide an online platform to stay in touch, share jobs and internships targeting our students and alumnus. (LinkedIn, Facebook)
  2. Act as the official Alumni Organization for the Creative Business Processes program at Copenhagen Business School
  3. Connect people through organizing social events

Contact the people behind CBP Network
CBP Network is always interested in sharing and developing ideas with companies so don’t be shy to get in touch with us! We are working very hard to juggle between school, work and growing the network. We are always open to hear about suggested partnerships, sponsoring of our events as well as helping you to post new jobs and internships relevant for our students and alumni network. Use the form or contact us directly via Facebook.