The CBP Network

The CBP Network encompasses all past and current students of the Management of Creative Business Processes Master’s program at the Copenhagen Business School. The program is focused on forming the students into skilled managers ready to work within the creative industries and any other industry deploying creative processes. 

These industries rely and thrive on networks. Therefore, the network facilitates the students’ entry into the Danish labour market and the exchange about creative industries and processes.


In 2010, four students from the CBP Program initiated the network. What started as a small student project has now become an official non-profit organization. It is supported by the Copenhagen Business School. The network is now a key asset to the program.

Each year, the baton is passed to the next generation of CBP students who manage the CBP Network, with the support of the program administration and past students. 

The network’s goals

The CBP Network is bridging the gap between young professionals and organizations in the creative industries. Our main mission is to strengthen the link between CBP students and alumni as well as creative organizations through our website and various events.

The Network plays a role in promoting the Master in Management of Creative Business Processes at the Copenhagen Business School, here in Denmark. We aim to attract talents from diverse backgrounds and interests to foster dialogue and create relationships. This will help to shape them into creative leaders with the necessary skillset, and network, to navigate the complex processes  in creative and innovative industries, both on the local and international level.

The goal is that the CBP Network will bring new opportunities to all members, as well as to create a pool of young talents with a passion for creativity coupled with a deep understanding of the management challenges it brings. Our members are passionate about the arts, design and innovation and understand an organization’s role in enabling and guiding creativity.