Ann Boström

Ann Boström graduated from CBP in 2013 and has since then been working as Market Manager for GoMore.

Where do you work today and what is your role?
I work for GoMore, Scandinavia’s most popular ridesharing and P2P car rental service. GoMore is a well-established player on the Danish market and when the company gained a new investment, the decision to enter the Swedish (and Norwegian) market was made. That’s where I came in to the picture! I started working for GoMore right when the service was launched in Sweden in June 2014. As the Market Manager, I am responsible for the launch in Sweden with all what it entails; marketing (digital and offline), PR, strategy, translations, questions regarding law/tax, customer service, partnerships. The list goes on! I’m the only one working full-time with the Swedish market at GoMore, but I have a student assistant who works with me a few days a week. We are a small team, which means you get involved in ALL tasks!

How does a typical workweek look for you?
This is the beauty of working in a start-up: no week is typical and no week looks the same as the other! Of course, I have some standard tasks that needs to get done every week such as reporting, planning, internal meetings etc., but apart from that it varies A LOT. One day I present GoMore for decision makers at conferences in Sweden and another day I hand out flyers and coffee to morning commuters. The tasks vary all the time, depending on what me and the rest of the GoMore team decide we should do! No task is “too high” or “too low” for a start-up, which means you need to be ready for whatever, all the time!

Why did you choose to study Management of Creative Business Processes?
I decided to study Management of Creative Business Processes because of my lifelong interest in creative industries. The mix of creativity and business really appeals to me. I have a Bachelor in Information Management from CBS and I didn’t feel like that was necessarily the direction in which I wanted to pursue for a Masters degree, so I was thrilled when I discovered the CBP program.

What do you think are the most important outtakes of the program?
After having left academia for a work setting, I honestly think the best thing about the program is that you learn how to take on a lot of different tasks that entails different strategies and subjects (whether it is to study for the Intellectual Property law exam, write a report in marketing or finish a huge project like the master thesis). The fact that you constantly have to juggle a broad variety of subjects and tasks prepares you well for a work setting, where you constantly are expected to multitask, perform and deliver.

Nov. 2014