Katja Sonderhauge

Katja Sønderhauge graduated from CBP in 2013 and is working as Product Manager at Warner Music Denmark.

Where do you work today and what is your role?
I work at Warner Music Denmark as a Product Manager for several of our local danish artists and a few artists from Norway and Sweden. After our A&R has signed an artist and worked with them on the music I take over and become the ‘guardian’ of the artist. I coordinate artwork, photo sessions, music videos, the general expression of a release, social media, possible remixes, exploration to other countries, merchandise fabrication etc.

How does a typical workweek look for you?
My workweeks never really look the same! It depends alot on how many of my artists are active at a given time. In a very busy week it is likely I’m two days out of the office for video and photoshoots, I’d also likely spend many hours with my graphic designer regarding artwork for releases, banners for social media and campaigns. Then I’m also talking a lot to the artist to plan the release, making sure press releases are ready and that they have a social media post plan for when their new music is out.

It is also likely I have artists on tour and have to go to shows and coordinate interviews and such. I also spend as much time in the office as possible tracking sales and overall performance in the media for my active projects. Then I brief the artists and their managers about the results.

Why did you choose to study Management of Creative Business Processes?
When I was deciding which Master program to enroll in at CBS I was already working in the record industry. I thought the Ms.Soc. CBP program looked like a great opportunity to learn more about the areas which I do not necessarily work with on a daily basis. I felt that the program would grant me an overview of how business is done in other types of industries than the music industry and provide a network with some awesome people to stay in touch with.

What do you think are the most important outtakes of the program?
The extensive network that I have gained with people working across the creative industries.

Nov. 2014