Sabina De Duonni

Sabina De Duonni graduated as a Double Degree Master Student from Copenhagen Business School and Bocconi University in Milan in 2014.

Where do you work today and what is your role?
I work for a mobile development company called mbrace labs in Berlin, Germany. I am responsible for producing and managing in-app as well as external content. I manage different social media campaigns where I help to secure continuous user acquisition. My responsibilities also include developing strategic online partnerships with external media in order to build relevant cooperations.

How does a typical workweek look for you?
Everyday looks different. For example, my work could include developing user archetypes for targeted social campaigns and other days I would research and plan together with a Graphic Designer what content to produce in order to engage users.

Why did you choose to study Management of Creative Business Processes?
After I obtained a BSc in Psychology, I realised that taking a Business Master’s degree would provide me a foundation to pursue a greater variety of career options. It made sense for me to specialise in creative and cultural products as well as services. Although I’m not an “Artist” per se, I work well with Artists and enjoy the project-based nature of these types of industries.

What do you think are the most important outtakes of the program?
CBS courses are very project management specific. The program heavily emphasised to think about the “process”: the skills, people and time it requires to execute a project. In Milan we studied specific case studies from the creative industries in detail, from product design and distribution to art trade as well as TV and new media. It was a very versatile and interesting balance between CBS and Bocconi.

Nov. 2014