Meet: Sabina De Duonni


Have you ever thought about challenges you encounter while searching for happiness in your career? What are the hardest things to balance in your life? What factors affect happiness in your career?

If those kinds of questions ever bothered you or you have been wondering how to find a way to a happy career, we found the right person to help you with that!… Read the rest

Why Denmark? Expectations & reality

You’re a prospective CBP Student and you want to know more about living and studying in Denmark? This post is for you!

In this short piece, Angela, a CBP student from the 2020 promotion, talks about her decision to come to study in Denmark, and about her learnings during these two years in the CBP Program.… Read the rest

CBP Summit – A status report

It’s the 22nd of April. If we were not forced to stay at home, CBS was still running and gatherings of more than 10 people would still be allowed, the CBP Summit would have taken place today – but unfortunately, the event had to be postponed until further notice due to the COVID19 pandemic.… Read the rest