CBP Program

MSoSc. in Management of Creative Business Processes

The MSoSc. In Management of Creative Business Processes is a two-year Master program at the Copenhagen Business School teaching students to navigate between the realms of business and art. The CBP Program starts with the strong belief that business and creativity are not mutually exclusive, but work hand in hand to bring innovative ideas to the world.

The ability to manage creative business processes is crucial, yet not limited exclusively to, companies and organizations in the creative industries. Hence, the program encompasses not only cultural industries but also all industries where innovation processes are crucial. This is what makes us different from all other Masters in Art Management.

Creative Processes

Head in the cloud, feet on the ground

At the core of the CBP Program’s curriculum, you will find a strong basis of theories on the functioning of creative and innovative industries, companies and their specific processes. CBP students learn to manage challenges such as high risk and uncertainty, but also how to strengthen a company’s position through differentiation and experience. Our students think outside the box, yet understand the key principles and structures of a creative company and industry.

To put these theories into practice, CBP students regularly work hand-in-hand with creative companies of all types, and learn from real-life cases.


Powered by passion

The CBP Program’s strength is its realistic and pragmatic approach to the creative and innovative world. The CBP student’s personal passions in specific fields, or strong interest in the creative world in general, differentiates them from other business management students. In the CBP Network we aim to support these diverse passions and interests and help our members grow as managers.

Team Diversity

Teamwork is in our DNA

Every year, the CBP Program attracts students from all around the world, with a diverse range of Bachelor degrees. Through a wide range of projects, students pool their different skills and approaches together and learn from each other. All throughout the two years, teamwork is at the core of the CBP Progam.

Project Management

Managing projects is our guilty pleasure

The CBP Program not only teaches students about important theories of creative industries, but also equips them with tangible skills and tools in planning, organizing and executing creative projects which fall within their particular industries of interest.

The CBP Network takes this further by allowing students to join the association and develop their own projects inside the network. From developing a brand and a presence online, to planning internal and external events, as well as organizing a study trip for the CBP students, the network is an opportunity to apply the tools and methods learned.

To conclude, the CBP program is a multifaceted education which equips students to become creative leaders in any company or organization at the forefront of art and innovation. But let the CBP students tell you why they chose CBP!

The CBP course plan

CPB program

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