Why Denmark? Expectations & reality

You’re a prospective CBP Student and you want to know more about living and studying in Denmark? This post is for you!

In this short piece, Angela, a CBP student from the 2020 promotion, talks about her decision to come to study in Denmark, and about her learnings during these two years in the CBP Program.

“Why Denmark?”

My simple answer to this standard expat-starter-pack question has always been, “Sustainability!”

Before starting in CBS, I had worked in a global advertising conglomerate in Shanghai for more than two years. The job sparked my interest in the world of visual creatives. However, I had always found it hard to see the purpose behind the 9-to-5 duties. “How does it relate to the bigger picture and contribute to our society?”

I was born in Taiwan, raised in Shanghai, and grew up going to international schools. As you can imagine, I used to be surrounded by people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Angela and her friends in Shanghai

During a summer visit to a friend residing in Denmark, I was awed by the sustainable awareness in the community and the public and private efforts behind. Eager to learn how sustainability is commercialized in the creative industry, I applied to Creative Business Processes and started a new life chapter in the country of ‘hygge’ and happiness.

Angela in at Copenhagen Botanical Gardens

Now, I am working as a Student Digital Content Producer at Carlsberg Group and writing my thesis on Media Responsibility for Consumption. Fortunately, life has turned out to be generous with inspiring classmates, coworkers, and a group of likeminded friends. Nevertheless, it hasn’t been all smooth and easy – finding an apartment, student job, blending in with the Danes, and finding a full-time job after graduation, are all challenges one has to overcome. However, I couldn’t be happier for the move I made – it has been an amazing journey leading up till now.  

Photoshoot for the CBP Network
An afterschool hang-out in the park

“What learnings would you like to share”

  • Be proactive.

Scandinavians have a reputation for being reserved. It is unlikely that you will be ‘best friend forever’ with your neighbors, or approached by strangers on a night out. If you google “socialize with Danes”, you will find “tips” and “exclusive” on top. So don’t expect opportunities coming up your way. You have to go out of your comfort zone and take action for what you want, it’s meeting new friends, finding a job or else. Danes may be shy, but they are responsive and helpful most of the time. You just need to take that first step!

  • Open and immerse yourself in the ‘hygge’ culture.

Put some effort into learning Danish and understanding the local culture. Even though Danes are usually confused when foreigners speak Danish, they appreciate when you try. The more open you are, the better you can integrate yourself. I believe that it is universal everywhere else in the world!

  • Maximize your network.

Building a network is crucial in Denmark. It could get you a fairly priced apartment, jobs, that beautiful secondhand lamp in your room, and many other things that make your life much easier. Get out there – mingle and expand your circle at networking events, student organizations, career fairs, and talks.

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