Tackling Denmark & CBP in 2020 – a foreign students POV

You’re a prospective CBP Student and you want to know more about living and studying in Denmark? This post is for you!

In this short piece, Martina, a CBP student from the 20/22 class, talks about her decision to come and study in Denmark, and about her learnings during the first half year in the CBP Program.

Why Denmark and the CBP program?

I’ve been living abroad since I was 17 thanks to study programmes. I am originally from Italy but I lived in Houston, Texas; Edinburgh, Scotland; Deventer, the Netherlands and I just moved to Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Martina in Nyhavn, Copenhagen with friends from CBP

If I would count the times my friends or family asked me if I was sure about moving to a new country during a world pandemic, I would probably be a millionaire by now!
It definitely didn’t come as an easy decision. But my desire to attend the Creative Business Processes programme was the deciding factor.
Studying abroad is truly my passion. I enjoy embracing new cultures, learning new languages and having friends all over the globe. For this reason, I was particularly interested in the CBP Masters’ programme because of the many opportunities available during the third semester. 

However, I did not even have the time to get acquainted with the Danish atmosphere after the application process. As I got chosen to be one of the 5 CBP students that will participate in the Double Degree programme. The epartner university where I will be studying next academic year is Bocconi University in Milan. Going back to my home country after so many years abroad studying will be the perfect conclusion.

This news was the perfect motivation to dive even further in the Danish culture and use every opportunity CBS has to offer. As a matter of fact, I immediately got involved with the CBP Network and was picked to be both the General Coordinator as well as the Website Coordinator along with other CBP students. Having the chance to meet regularly and work with a group of extremely proactive individuals has been a true pleasure.

CBP Network 20/21 photoshoot at CBS

How has it been studying at CBS during the pandemic?

The CBP Network, being a CBP student, and overall life has obviously been deeply impacted by this pandemic. Surprisingly at the beginning of the semester there were not many restrictions other than wearing a mask in public transport and closed spaces. Our classes ran as 50% online and 50% physical attendance. This worked quite well in my opinion as we had just enough time to socialize with our classmates, just enough not to put ourselves in danger. The classes which ran online were mostly very well structured and organised. The negative remark about online classes is opposition to recording the lecture. I understand the difficulties around such topic but having the class recorded would be an amazing studying too. This will be particularly applicable the upcoming semester as we will be attending classes 100% online. 

Moreover, my CBP student experience has been abundantly positive so far. A month after moving to Denmark I found myself a student job as a Digital Marketing Specialist for a German based company. This part-time job allows me to gain experience and have more financial stability considering the higher living costs in Denmark. Working alongside my studies has always been pretty challenging. However, being able to work on remote allowed me to be more flexible. Having the Black Diamond’s library as an office is pretty sweet. However, I have to admit that I am slightly concerned for next semester. Working and studying online along with Covid-19 restrictions will constrain myself to sit in front of a screen for countless hours.

Regardless of my worries, I am eager to begin the new semester, learn more about the creative industries and hopefully be able to plan some events with the Network. I am glad and honoured of the amazing welcome Denmark and CBS has given me so far.

Martina and CBP friends in Copenhagen

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