Welcome to the CBP Network Blog!

A warm hello and welcome to the brand new CBP Network blog. We are more than happy that you have found your way to it and hope that you are curious about what is about to happen here during the upcoming months. 

But let me tell you a little bit about who will be sitting behind the keyboard providing you with interesting blog posts. The CBP Network blog is run by the organization team behind the CBP Network.

CBP Network blog
Picture by Katarzyna Romatowska

We are a group of students at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) completing the Master’s program in Management of Creative Business Processes. But we will not be the only ones talking to you. We encourage everybody in our course who is not necessarily directly involved in the CBP Network organization team to write posts. The people in our course come from many different backgrounds such as film, music, design or fashion, they have different interests, talents and professional experiences and come from different parts of the world.

Additionally, we will get CBS lecturers involved. And are always looking for guest articles written by other members of the CBP Network such as alumni and our blog readers. Therefore, you can get ready for a colorful, diverse mix of content! 

With the CBP Network blog, we aim to further enhance the link between the people in our network and also the people who are interested in joining the program as well as the network by giving them an insight not only into various creative industries but also our course itself. We will provide you with content about the course itself to show what exactly uni life at CBS looks like and what we are learning in our courses and we will introduce some of the current students and alumni. They will be talking about their field of interest, experiences, and ideas.

But there will also post about current events, developments, news, and critical issues in the creative and cultural industries around the world. Therefore, we are addressing prospective, current and former Management of Creative Business Processes students as well as anyone who is interested in creative industries. We want to create a platform that encourages the open dialogue about current matters in the creative industries and appreciate any kind of feedback. Of course, we also welcome you yourself to get inspired and involved by writing a guest article!

So, stay tuned for interesting articles, comments, interviews and much more. We cannot wait to have you back on the CBP blog soon!

by Angelika Pawusch